The European Association for a Better Life (AEVB) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that aims to improve the quality of life and promote human values in Romania by supporting and promoting measures in the vital areas of citizenship.

The AEVB aims to develop measures and actions for human resources to maintain and integrate disadvantage people into the labour market. In this direction, the association is based on the experience of its members, accumulated in over 12 years of implementation of pre and post-accession funded projects, the provision of EU technical assistance to foreign countries, bilateral agreements, World Bank funded projects, including european and national collaborations for tourism development, entrepreneurship, regional development, social economy and measures on employment and social inclusion. Within the framework of projects implemented by the Association as beneficiary or partner, evaluation, information, training, counseling, guidance and mediation activities have been carried out for vulnerable persons (unemployed, single-parent families, Romani people, women etc.) as well as for people from rural areas.

Within the training activities, emphasis was placed on the development of computer and linguistic skills, along with vocational retraining through qualification courses, as well as the development of competences held through specialization and improvement courses.

AEVB provided social services for vulnerable groups and people with disabilities, developing active employment measures for the beneficiaries. Through the social perspective mediation activity, the Association has been involved in social issues which were faced by individuals, groups, disadvantaged communities, in order to improve their social situation and to facilitate relations within the individual-family-community triad.

The beneficiaries have been provided with information and services targeting jobs, labour market dynamics and day-to-day management. Emphasis on promoting the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination has been placed, thus respecting existing strategies / laws, rules and regulations, both at a national and European level.

The Association has ensured that no distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference is made, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, social category, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, chronic non-contagious disease, HIV infestation, affiliation to a less favored category and to any other criterion which has the object or effect of restricting, removing the recognition, use or exercise on an equal basis of human rights and fundamental freedoms or rights recognized by law in the political, economic, social and cultural or in any other areas of public life.

The operational capacity of the AEVB is assured by experts the Association collaborates with for over 5 years. These are experts specialized in the fields of human resources, structural funds accession. All have more than 5 years of experience in the areas in which they work and many of them have more than 10 years experience in implementing European funded projects.

Relevant projects implemented by AEVB

“Start to Entrepreneurship! – The reducing of unemployment by stimulating the development of new businesses among the unemployed and creating new jobs.” – Beneficiary: AEVB; Project value: 3.732.314 euros.

“CeReRe in Tourism – Regional Tourism Resource Centers and Integrated Services for Stimulating Entrepreneurship in the Tourism Sector.” – Beneficiary: AEVB; Project value: 3.754.831 euros.

“EchitFem – Equity on the labour market for women from South Muntenia and Bucharest-Ilfov.” – Beneficiary: AEVB; Project value: 3.114.884 euros. There were also a series of activities, within this project, aimed to develop female entrepreneurship. These activities resulted in the establishment of a number of n companies / businesses by women in the project’s Target Group.

“PROFESSIO – Integrated programs for long-term unemployed and jobseekers from the North-East and South-Muntenia regions.” – Beneficiary: AEVB; Project value – 2.382.701 euros.

“PIDRU – Integrated programs for human resources in rural areas of South-East (Dobrogea) and South-Muntenia regions.” – Beneficiary: AEVB; Project value: 2.206.254 euros. Within this project, have been carried out a series of activities aimed to develop entrepreneurship in the rural area. These activities resulted in the establishment of a number of n companies / businesses by people from the Target Group of the project – unemployed from the rural areas.

POCU priority axis no. 3

Jobs for everyone
Entrepreneurship projects (4 projects).

Two of them are addressed to people in the diaspora who want to return to the country and open a business in Romania.

Two of them are addressed to people in the country who want to open a business.

POCU priority axis no. 4

Social inclusion and combating poverty
Projects to reduce the number of marginalized communities (2 projects).

Refers to populations belonging to the Roma minority who are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.

Integrated measures are being implemented.

Consultancy and training through accredited courses

Courses Type of program Total hours Teory Practice
Entrepreneurial skills Initiation 42 25 hours 17 hours
Computer skills Initiation 42 18 hours 24 hours
Communication in English Initiation 42 22 hours 20 hours
Human resources inspector / referent Initiation 120 68 hours 52 hours
Trade worker Qualification, level 1 360 120 hours 240 hours
Public Relations and Communication Assistant (secondary education) Initiation 80 42 hours 38 hours
Human resources manager Improvement 60 30 hours 30 hours
Quality auditor Improvement 60 30 hours 30 hours
Management Assistant / Manager Qualification, level 3 1080 360 hours 720 hours
Textile washer level 1 Qualification, level 1 360 120 hours 240 hours
Babysitter Qualification, level 1 360 120 hours 240 hours